Knowing people who go through mental health struggles, having friends who don't want to open up to others. We wanted to somehow contribute to the issue through creating an artificial intelligent messenger bot that would converse with the user and hopefully lead them towards the path of better mental health.

What it does

Our artificial intelligent messenger bot allows authentic conversations with the users. The platform drives personalised messaging around things such as condition knowledge, and simple tracking.

How we built it

Our website was built through the use of HTML, css, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Picking efficient colour schemes that combined professionality and friendliness, as well making sure the design of our bot was covered in depth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As first year students and first-time hackathon participants, we are very proud of coming up with an innovative idea that solves an issue that we are all passionate about.

What we learned

We increased our knowledge on how artificial intelligence works as well as developed our web programming skills.

What's next for MAEBOT

Improving the messenger bot to cover more issues, adding more resources in our website, as well as expanding our data knowledge.

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