Team Members: Jack McLovin, Lijing Yu, Pengling Li, Wei Li, Chaofan Zheng, Fangjun Tan.


We wanted to make augmented reality games to assist Tourism in Tasmania. We also wanted people to be able to create tours and events to get people outside, even if they use their devices.

What it does

It's mini-game game-interface for map-based action and madventure. Starting off with a simple puzzle, riddle, and radar games, we will move to including an augmented reality with online competitive and co-op play. Once an age group enjoys the game, we wish to grow with them.

Madventures are Fact-Based games with User-Specific ads targetted through AI to get people touring for longer and more often. When the Library comes alive, map adventures get mad.

How we built it

The app can port across to Android and iOS through the Unity 3D program

What's next for Madventure

After submission, we hope to get more features in the app to get people interested once it launches as well as build a Big Data analytics server stream for advertising and Tourism forecasting. We want to take pictures, learn from locals and history books about everything Tasmania has to offer and gamify factuality.

We also want to include the ability for businesses to create their own Orientation 'quests' for touring their properties and market the history of their business to visitors.

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