MADSters is an educational video game application for Android devices.

MADSters delivers a math based curriculum (MADSters: Multiply, Add, Divide, Subtract) aligned with Common Core State Math Standards. MADSters incorporates (directly and/or indirectly) over 35 Common Core State Math standards ranging from K through 5th grade.

Game Play Overview:

Can you save the MADSters? MADSters are personalized math cubes, with different face designs and different colors. The MADSters have been trapped in the math dungeon by the evil King. The MADSters have not only been trapped, but have been disguised as math blocks. Players can save the MADSters by solving math problems. Each time a player matches math blocks with the same value, the MADSter is freed and restored to life.

Value is determined by solving the problem on the cube. Current levels/tasks include matching: addition and subtraction problems, multiplication and division problems, numerous fraction-based problems, multiple decimal-based problems and odd/even numbers.

Players use Android-based tablets or smartphones (using tilt, rotate and touch interactions) to move MADSters through the dungeon. The player must tap/touch the two blocks to turn them the same color and “free” the imprisoned MADSters. Throughout the game, the Wizard is a constant guide, providing instruction and reminders. The game includes shifting bars, portals, Ferris wheels, and more. There is also an unexpected, engaging “Boss” level.

The math concepts that can be reinforced through the game are limitless. The game can be expanded to include any desired content, including additional math standards and concepts, coins and money value cubes, and more. Players are asked to choose a difficulty level, so players can practice at appropriate levels. Problems are randomly generated, so that players are constantly presented with new problems. Feedback is provided on an ongoing basis. Instructions are visual and detailed explanations for all problems are provided.

Players earn points for each pairing and medals for completing levels. Players are continuously incentivized to keep working. Each time an incorrect match is made on any level, the player begins the level again.

MADSters is fully functional and runs on over 5,000 lines of code.

Core Game Mechanic Design:

Mathematics instruction and practice is the “heart” of the MADSters project. However, the core game mechanic has been developed as a platform that has infinite possibilities to provide problem-based curriculum in multiple subjects and to learners of all types and levels.

Presently, the core game mechanic coded for MADSters also supports two additional playable games (One Locker Over - a game designed to increase awareness of, and protection against, teen dating violence and S.L.U.G.S. - a game designed to promote healthy living). Both games are also fully functional, and run on the same underlying coding framework as MADSters.

Have fun playing and learning!

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