Madness Migrant is people focused. It's important to us that immigrants feel a sense of trust and belonging when using the app as well as meeting their needs. We chose to focus on mentor-ship, our app provides an opportunity for existing volunteers to be more involved as well as providing immigrants with a one on one personable experience.

What it does

Madness Migrant connects mentors with men-tees of similar experiences, matching their skill sets and goals. These users are able to connect, share resources, chat, listen in their language, and get support from their fellow man.

How we built it

Our stack includes StencilJs, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, JS, Google Firebase; Web Components PWA.

Challenges we ran into

Madness Labs's biggest challenges were:

  1. Fitting our best ideas into a very small MVP, we have so many more features we would have loved to share.

  2. There were so many problems we wanted to solve, but because of the time constraints, we were unable to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our most proud accomplishments:

  1. Building an app in 24 hours with cutting edge technology.

  2. Our text-to-speech in 3 languages.

  3. Keeping our app simple and to the point.

  4. Making the app people-centric and user friendly

What we learned

Madness Labs learned:

  1. About the many hardships immigrants face and how difficult the problems are to solve.

  2. More team building skills.

  3. How quickly we can work under pressure.

What's next for MadnessMigrant

Madness Migrant is scalable, below is a list of features that could be additions:

  1. Book in person meetings and video calls with a mentees' mentor.

  2. Adding the availability of a mentor's schedule.

  3. Seeing profiles of both the mentor and mentee on each others' dashboards.

  4. Total time spent between mentors and mentees.

  5. How the mentor's and mentee's relationships evolve.

  6. Review system on mentors.

  7. Allowing mentors to become sponsors.

  8. Listing mentee sponsors on their dashboard.

  9. Listing obtainable job listings/opportunities on the mentee's dashboard.

  10. Creating an immigration path for foreigners with the ecosystem believed to be the most helpful for integrating them into the US.

  11. Creating the steps to a unified database.

  12. Exporting our components in organizations and services websites

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