Maze Runner with color matching elements thrown in to help escape the maze.

What it does

Immerses the player into a maze where the player must look around to find different targets scattered throughout the maze, when they hit the target three times with the ammo of the same color then the target will break, when three targets are broken then a wall associated with the targets will be destroyed allowing the user to move forward.

How we built it

Unity and Oculus Rift, We split up the work so that we each worked on different elements of the experience. Where one of us worked on the maze and the other worked on the gun elements

Challenges we ran into

Learning to work with Unity and implementing it into a VR space where the user is able to navigate throughout the maze

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we were able to get the game working. We are proud that we were able to get a deeper understanding of what goes into making a game like this and feel motivated to try and do other projects like this, maybe even buy a headset and make different things.

What we learned

How to use Unity and also more about using OVR API

What's next for MadMaze

Polish it more with design and improve the movements (less motion sickness) and improve the atmosphere like adding weather elements or different types of mazes, along with making it more immersive for the end user experience.

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