Mad Pokédex powered by Algolia

Pokédex with a clean interface and powerful search powered by Algolia.


  • Fast powerful search for Pokémon or for type
  • Clean interface to interact with
  • Complete lists of each generation
  • Profile pages showing Pokémon's stats and moves
  • Mobile friendly


We wrote the entirety of the user interface of the website. And used Algolia's search engine. Creating the DB required somewhat complex code to piece together the different Pokémon-DB files into one with all the data we needed.


Although seemingly unoriginal on the surface, the use of the intelligent search by Algolia and simplistic UI gives us a unique spin on Pokédex's. Overall our has a very modern original feel and functionality.


I think people will actually use our project because of our modern take on a classic idea. The search functionality is very much improved and makes navigation easier. Along with this, the appealing and simplistic UI fits more with modern websites, which should help attract more users to our take on the Pokédex.


We heavily focused on the design of our website. We spent hours trying to format the shadows and borders to be even, making sure everything is lined up. A few design implementations we added to the site were being able to view each generation as if it were an actual Pokédex, and being able to search from the entire database of Pokémon. Overall, the UI was a large part of our design and building process to make the site as easy to use as possible whether it's on PC or on Mobile.


Jack: During this challenge, my knowledge of coding grew ten fold. Prior to this event, I never touched javascript, or css. And in our project I worked a lot on the styling of the site, which was completely new to me. I also learned how to code in html, as well as javascript, and doing so I had a lot of fun!

Nick: I mostly learned about Algolia and database structures that are ideal for a system that Algolia provides. I also learned quite a bit about Pokédex, which is essential for this type of project.

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