Sex Ed Deficiency because many refugee girls cannot get access to formal sex education because they are constantly moving.

What it does

Sex Ed Chatbot that is hooked directly into Facebook messenger and is completely annonymous. They can talk directly to her through the interface directly provided by Facebook.

How we built it

We scraped the web for 600 questions related to sexual education and tailored it to the middle school age range and also made it fun using original stickers of Madeline. In addition, we have Google Cloud API to translate all messages into the native language of the user and we use the UN refugee agency database to find local NGO's.

Challenges we ran into

Scraping the web hooking up all the data generating responses that feel real and geuinine and also making something that people would use on a daily basis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fun chatbot in Messenger since we didn't make one before

What we learned

How to work as a team Chatbots!

What's next for Madeleine (Sex Ed Chatbot)

More extensions More features SMS capabilities when no connectivity More scraping on the web

Built With

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