Our inspiration came from an anecdote from one of our team members. He lives around 45 minutes away from campus, and when he visits home and drives back to Lawrence, his dad always tells him to send a text when he makes it home, but he often forgets to do this. So, we came up with madeIt.

What it does

madeIt is an app that allows you to set your destination before you travel and then send an automated text message that lets your loved one know that you made it there safely.

How We built it

We used Swift 5.0, the Google Maps API, AlamoFire, and Twilio

Challenges We ran into

None of us had any experience using these tools. So we spent a lot of time reading documentation and watching tutorials. This didn't let us implement the full scope of our project, but we were able to achieve basic functionality with plenty of room for expansion. The Twilio trial account only let us send automated messages to one number, so that didn't let us test the full scope of this project.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We learned how to use a programming language and API in 36 hours. This is our team's first time creating an iOS app, and it was a really rewarding experience

What We learned

We became familiar with a new programming language, and we used our first API. We also became familiar with sending HTTPS requests in Swift using Alamofire, and became familiar with the Xcode environment and learning how to design UIs.

What's next for madeIt

Implementation of a feature where if you stray too far from the designated route for too long a warning is sent to your loved ones and possibly law enforcement. Implementation of a feature that would help combat assault when people walk to their cars, go out for runs, or walk at night. This feature would resemble the feature where if you stray too far off the path, people are contacted, but it would be more optimized for walking. User account creation Full Twilio account access to have the ability to send messages to more than one number.

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