Original pitch: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Q_52y2K81Wa9ZjMoUJOSQ_1mxBH7mYKUoNg9ybA-xoo/edit?usp=sharing Final pitch deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kGj_rSaV_830n4kENHNZ3VT-WQyNz_M7jH06nRhULWA/edit?usp=sharing


I read a story about how a woman called the police asking for pizza. Luckily, the police understood something was wrong and came to her rescue. They found her beaten up.

A lot of people can't call or text for help because they're constantly being scrutinized. This lets them do so in disguise.

How it works

Open it and it looks like a pizza delivery application. You can set the time for when you want "pizza delivered" (help to come). It'll automatically detect your current location or you can change the location you want help to come to. Click "order pizza" and the app dispatches a text to 911 telling them of your location. We'll also ask (optionally) for your number and connect you with someone ASAP.

What's next for Pizza to the Rescue

Figure out how to prevent spammy orders

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