Inspiration I am a new children's book author. I enjoy providing educational resources to children through fun engaging stories. COVID-19 is a very serious virus and this was my opportunity to create a fun, educational book on the Coronavirus that children would not only enjoy; but gain educational resources in a fun, engaging, and encouraging way. Also, a friend challenged me to write a children's book on COVID-19, and I happily accepted.

What it does This book takes children on a mission to get answers to their questions about COVID-19 but also provides information on how to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

How I built it I used my sketches and then recreated them using Procreate and then added the text using Indesign.

Challenges I ran into only challenge I ran into was the time. I was told about the competition 7 days before the deadline. So, my biggest challenges were first coming up with a story and researching creditable information on COVID-19. So I begin working with a doctor (to collect information on COVID-19). Then we developed and wrote the story. We also had challenges of getting the story edited and re-written. Then I had to develop the characters to fit the story and then illustrating it in 2 days after the story was finalized. But over all I think we did a great job on the story and illustrating it in the time we had. It was an awesome challenge and I am glad I accepted it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of the fact that my co author and I were able to write a good story and have it illustrated and completed in 7 days.

What I learned I've learned a lot about COVID-19 while putting this ebook together. So, much that I really hope that children reading it will have fun reading it, enjoy the story and vibrant illustrations; but also take valueable information about the Coronavirus after reading it. Hopefuly they will read it over and over again..

What's next for Maddie on a Mission - Germ Buster to the Rescue We hope that it is selected as the winner so that kids across the world will have the opportunity to read, enjoy and learn from it.

Built With

  • indesign
  • procreate
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