Welcome to the doomed house, here you must survive by defeating all robots and zombies! Embark on this new adventurous path full of obstacles and sacrifices to safely achieve your freedom and exit safely!

What it does

User lands in an environment where it needs to defeat all the attacking zombies to successfully survive and win the battle! Various Features: We've implemented destructible items that boosts up the energy level of the user to fight off zombies competitively! Zombies can adapt to your combat style by evading bullets, this has been implemented using Machine learning. Player invincibility has been implemented, the player won't be affected by zombie attacks for a certain period of time. Random level generation and random pick-up items spawn into the level. Through Player dashing system , a combat system, player could dash and destroy anything in front of it.

How we built it

Built using Unity and AL/ML.

Challenges we ran into

Getting a beautiful game art from free sources and developing some ourselves was quite challenging! Implementing AI was challenging and also the time constraint of the hackathon!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the entire game within 48 hours was a huge challenge for us! Managing our time the right way helped us a lot in successfully building the game.

What we learned

Got to learn a lot through the entire process! Learned how to work faster and optimize our time and to be able to create some amazing Arts from other sources and integrate them with Unity!

What's next for MadBots

Adding various other levels of difficulty, a shopping system where users could buy accessories according to the points gained, an online multiplayer system and so much more!

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