I always wanted to develop an app for kids, that would not only be engaging but also have some meaning in the engagement, like learn new things, know about something cool happening around us, or just get kids better at their game. This was the base idea behind Madam June, who is primarily a teacher(not in the traditional way though), who will help kids step up their general awareness levels. I have been using Alexa to play Quiz games a lot recently. However, if I am with a friend / family member of mine, both of us have to team up and play. We don't get to play with each other. The second problem kids facing in the developed and developing words alike, is that they get to learn lot of commonly spoken English words at school or at home or with friends. However when they try to learn new words / come across them in a novel or on tv, they might look up their meaning in a dictionary / google it real quick, but they tend to forget it in a day or to. Hence, the Vocab feature in Madam June.

What it does

  1. As a Quiz master, Madam June presents General Awareness questions from a variety of topics like Science, History, Geography, Sports etc. In addition to that, once the kid takes up the quiz, she also provides insight about the percentage of right answers across various topics. This helps in : a. Kids gaining insight into their area of interest since they will mostly be good at answering that question, and if if not, they will definitely put it more efforts to be good at it. b. Kids knowing their weak areas and would naturally want to put in more efforts in making it good too.

  2. As an English Vocabulary Tutor, Madam June will ask 3 new words everyday. She would also ask kids to schedule the Vocabulary Session. If the session is scheduled, Madam June will give 3 new words every day. In addition to that, Madam June will also remind the new words learnt on previous days. For example, the 3 new words that I get today, will be reminded tomorrow, day after tomorrow, the day after day after tomorrow, 7th day from today, 14th day from today,21st day from today, 28th day from today. This is to ensure that the new words kids learn everyday stay in their head forever, so that they start incorporating it while conversing.

    How I built it

    I used Java flavor of Play Framework to build the APIs and the backend services. The DB is powered by mongoDB. The cognitive services are powered by a neural network to classify the user's intent and take the right actions.

    Challenges I ran into

    Too many to list here.

    Accomplishments that I'm proud of

    I am proud of the final product. Its something that I feel that I can use it on a day to day basis.

    What I learned

What's next for Madam June

The next update for Madam June will have some more improvements in her teaching capabilities.

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