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Motivation: Upcoming exam season
Target user: Anyone who wants to fix their distracted internet browsing habits once and for all.
Description: Personally have used different methods to help me keep focused in times of need. Most solutions will give you a set amount of time, or block you entirely of certain sites. In my personal experience, these solutions work, but in the short term. Eventually I remove the extension or solution and proceed to binge.

This is an untested alternate solution for trying to curtail or fix bad browsing habits, inspired by my own intuitions of human psychology. Ultimately the user should feel natural in redirecting their internet experience into something more fun with long term value.

Currently the main approach is that the user is barred from entering distraction sites unless they type a phrase. These phrases are meant to cause cognitive dissonance and/or make the user think twice before habitually be distracted. The user is also presented with fun alternate choices that are more in line with what the user's long term goals would look like. These include the very game-like learning experiences offered by Duolingo and KhanAcademy.

Most proud of Using a fuzzy text matching algorithm, so that people don't have to type in precisely. Making my own website regex matcher. Learning javascript for the first time, functions functions vars vars everywhere. Navigating through the chrome extension docs and apis, and learning the lifecycle of chrome processes and requests. Making something that I'll definitely use for myself for once!

Future Plans user-created phrases, user customizable alternate links.
Also time-sensitive notifications are meant to appear when the user is on a distraction site for too long (e.g. 30 minutes +). They are planned to make the user feel bad for being distracted. One example of a time-sensitive notification: "Assuming you earn at least minimum wage, the hour you've wasted could have resulted in 11.50$, or in other words, 10 African children cured of worm-disease by donating to this cause: Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

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