We were having trouble thinking of ideas for our project, when Chris had the idea of making an idea generator that takes random nouns, verbs, and adjectives to help us figure out what to do. I said that it's just like a mad libs, so we decided to make a program that allowed you to make a mad lib and allow the computer to fill it in with a few thousand word database. We started by compiling a list of words, in total we got a word list over 7000 words long that the computer has access to. Then, we started coding a base that would fill in one mad lib from the originals. It worked out great, so from there we started working on being able to use custom paragraphs. From there we started optimizing our code, making it as neat as possible, and we started building a User interface.After that we realized some people may want to use the same noun or name multiple times in their story, so we added that as a feature to the program.

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