A game with both environmentally friendly and entertaining features will be a good approach to encourage people to do some real actions to help improve the environment and solve environmental problems.

What it does

MadForest is a h5 game which can be deployed on different devices. In the first desert setting, in order to transform the desert into a forest with bio diversity, users need to:

  1. Check back the game frequently and collect coins, but this way only allows the user to make a tiny progress.

  2. To pass the challenge, in other words, to achieve 100% progress quickly, users have to do some environmentally friendly actions in real life to get the boosting code.

The progress made by users will be converted to money. In the game, we will do advertisements for companies who sell environmentally friendly products. Most part of their funding will be donated to environmental protection organizations.

How we built it

We use Cocos2d for platform to build it. We build the backend with python and front end with javascript.

Challenges we ran into

It's our first time building a game. Choosing and getting familiar with Cocos2d engine is the most challenging part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An environmentally friendly game built by four game building beginners.

What we learned

Besides techniques, we also learned basic process of building a game.

What's next for MadForest

  1. We plan to build a series of settings according to different environmental problems like street pollution, water pollution or atmospheric problem, soil pollution etc.

  2. Different environmental friendly actions contribute to different challenging problems in the game. For instance, taking buses or walking from home to work can help solving atmospheric problem; the game keeps track of these actions and reflects them as the progress in the specific setting.


We used assets from Stardew Valley for demo use. We do not have copyright.

Try it out! Firefox, or Chrome with Moesif CORS extension installed. Otherwise you will not be able to login!)

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