Saw a crazy git controller at HackLondon... Thought I can do crazier!

What it does

When a user touches a leaf on the Aloe Vera plant it triggers a macro on the computer

How I built it

Using an Arduino and Vibration sensors to detect touch on the leaves. The Arduino acting as a HID device

Challenges I ran into

Nothing actually worked properly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I can come up with crazy shit! and that I learned some stuff.

What I learned

  • Never ever ever use an Intel Edison Again, this is 3 times is screwed your hack!
  • Makey-Makeys just dont have the resolution
  • Maplin make awful Arduino boards!
  • Vibration sensors are seriously finickity!
  • Flashing Arduino firmware as a HID sometimes... just doesn't work

What's next for Macro Vera

Maybe keep the Aloe Vera, maybe try it again with a psychogalvanometer so it will actually works.

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