We wanted three things - To make players feel like they were inside the macintosh plus album art, to create a collaborative VR music experience and to create something dank.

What it does

Macinball PlusVR is a networked collaborative VR experience. Players spawn as doges and can kick around different balls in the environment. Each ball is associated with a viral song/music. The velocity of each ball determines its volume. So players can kick about and enjoy the sheer chaos of viral mayhem.

How we built it

Unity + C# + Lot's of red bull

Challenges we ran into

Getting unity to work well with networking was the biggest challenge for us. We had to abandon the idea of using leapmotions because somehow spanning leapmotion hands in a networked game spawned 4 hands instead of 2.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an entertaining multiplayer game in about 24 hours straight.

What we learned

We got an in-depth look into the unity development workflow, common libraries and tricks and potentiall pitfalls that come with multiplayer environments.

What's next for Macinball PlusVR

We want to make it into a serious VR music collaboration app. The songs can be replaced by individual instrument pieces, and leapmotion support can be added so players can pinch and resize balls to edit their tempo, pitch and other properties. Activating balls will play them in a loop and thus progressive music can be generated.

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