Media/Electronic Stores have a huge amount of devices to sell and they mostly sell them the analog way in the stores. The customer is often overwhelmed by the big selection. If he had some positive opinions from other users which already buyed this device, he will buy it to. The store benefits from the customer relationship and the usage data. The gamification approach acts as a motivator.

What it does

"MachtSpass" is an interactive app which gives the user the ability to get detailed and personal informations about the products he is interested in. The User can ask: "Macht dieses Gerät Spass ?" and get a direkt feedback from Customers which already buyed this device. Therefore he scans an QR-Code and a Push Notification will be sent to all customers who already buyed the scanned device.

The asked customers can answer within one second with "Macht Spass" (good) or "Macht keinen Spass" (bad) (Simple and Quick Reply)

By replying to those questions the responding user can earn "SpassBucks" to get discounts and other advantages.

How we built it

The Proof of Concept consists of an iOS Application written in Swift using functional reactive programming, which connects to a Azure hosted REST-API. The notification distribution logic is nested in the REST-API. We are using the new rich push notifications introduced with iOS 10 to reply to the user.

Challenges we ran into

Prepare and configure the Azure Services, especially the push notifications, Managing the Communication routes, and Time ;)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What's next for MachtSpass

More direkt Interaction between the Customer itself without needing to offer all you private data. Feature Comparison between devices

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