I already wrote a really long one but I didnt know it doesnt save so the following is a quick one that I made I cant add all the frame works for some reason. It just disappears I saw a tiktok and it said that you need to do a certain 4 projects to be a good programmer and a machine learning weather forecaster was one of them

What it does

it forecasts the weather based on historical data. (data here

How we built it

only god knows how I built it. jk. I have a background in machine learning and I just know alot on machine learning. I used alot of python libraires to help with it also

Challenges we ran into

the biggest challenge was getting the data for the code itself. it was easy to do the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

finishing on time

What we learned

nothing. Jk. it did give me alot of experience with ML

What's next for Machine learning weather forecaster

having a CO2 forecaster, a ocean level forecaster and ozone level forecaster and boom, I saved global warming. YW in advanced

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