We were inspired by the presentations on the 2nd day of the Hackathon to build a project that can help minority groups working in low/minimum wage jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our project is a website that uses a javascript Machine learning algorithm to take symptoms and determine what disease a person has.

We built our machine learning algorithm using a tool called Pyxeda, and integrated it using javascript into an html code.

Some of our challenges were creating the website, because even though both our team members had experience with machine learning, we learned everything we knew about html and javascript in the last 3 days of this hackathon.

We are very proud of the way we managed to use machine learning in a way that can help people and put it into a simple, fully functional website like this.

We learned how to use html and javascript to create a website and how to make a form with javascript.

With more time, we plan to find a way to turn our algorithm into an app, fix our model dataset to make sure it's not skewed and has more data directly from the CDC, and perfect our website's user interface when we learn CSS.

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