Humanity is constantly confused as to what things should be recycled (chip bags? aluminum? milk cartons?) . This tends to be a source of great conflict in many households.

So we created an IoT trash bot that recycles for you.

What it does

It detects whether your piece of trash is recyclable through our ML Tensoflow algorithm and then using IoT with the Arduino101 BLE connects to our trash bot which recycles and disposes of the trash correctly.

How I built it

Using Tensorflow, Arduino, Android studio, big data sets of apples and coke cans and three very eager sleepless hackers.

Challenges I ran into

Almost everything we used had very little documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Staying up this late.

What I learned

We all started with very little experience and learned a lot of dev skills, also we learned the value of friendship and how powerful 5h energy is.

What's next for Machine Integrated Learning For Sustainability

Detect when Food has rotten away and recommend sustainable buying patterns.

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