I saw that this hackathon had a vaporwave theme AND a security-mindful theme. Thus, my cybersecurity-loving, trash-aesthetic brain went to heaven.

What it does

Designed for Linux systems, though you can run all the functions except the spoofer on any Mac/Windows too. Function 1. You can find out your MAC address without having to go through messy terminal jargon. Function 2. You can learn a bit about what a MAC address is and why people may change them for privacy reasons. Function 3. You can run a temporary, minute-long spoof to change your MAC address and then revert it back. It only lasts a minute by design, so don't get any ideas.

How I built it

Made in Python. I love me some tkinter.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into some troubles because for the spoof function I originally researched how other people had done it, but none of their methods were working for me, and StackOverflow was being unhelpful. I ended up having to delete a huge chunk I was fiddling with and figuring it out from scratch on my own. To be honest, I feel proud to have figured it out by myself in that way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I successfully made a mind-numbingly vaporwave program that's still functional! Just watch out for eye strain.

What I learned

I learned how to use some python libraries I'd not used before.

What's next for MacCheeser

It's available on github if anyone wants to try it out for themselves, though you may have to customise the name of the network adaptor in the code, as mine is likely different to yours.

Note: If you like video captions, I haven't captioned this one because YouTube's autocaptions actually came out on point this time. So feel free to use those.

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