Using and nodejs and messenger, created a bot that you can talk to to your computer with and also do useful things including but not limited to:

  1. play music (search by artist and songs)
  2. open apps (Chrome, PyCharm, Messenger, iTerm, ...)
  3. open websites in Chrome
  4. stop playing music
  5. close apps
  6. make small talk (
  7. you can event ask MacBot about the weather!

Things you should try out:

  1. Hi, How are you, greetings
  2. Play music, Play song name, Play artist name
  3. Start app name
  4. Stop current app, Stop app name
  5. Stop current song, Stop song name, Stop playing artist name
  6. How is the weather in Michigan, What is the forecast for Hawaii, What is the weather for state/city
  7. Go to website

Deployed using Heroku free hosting services.

You can talk to MacBot directly at this website!!!

Instructions for local setup.

  1. clone this repository
  2. cd into directory
  3. execute npm install
  4. edit server.js
  5. find the username and ip address and password of a local mac computer that you have access to and replace the placeholders in server.js
  6. start ngrok at a port of your choosing e.g ngrok http 5008
  7. webhook from with your consersational agent ''
  8. webhook from facebook app interface '' with the token 'try2'
  9. enjoy all the automation!!!!

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