With the growth of around the world, opportunities and possibilities to help people everywhere are increasing. Creating a service directed towards people who have never used anything like it is right at our fingertips. Providing educational content and structure to those who don't have it would be nothing less than incredible.

What it does

We provide world-class educational content and structure to people who may not have it or need better resources for their education. The site has to be made to accommodate for extremely low bandwidth regions using mobile devices with no javascript processing.

How I built it

We used Flask, Rest APIs and SQLAlchamy to build the entire backend, as well as Jinja2 to template the pages of the website with basic HTML and CSS

Challenges I ran into

Using Heroku was a completely new experience. Combining the front-end, back-end and Twilio services became an issue when trying to launch multiple apps on one heroku service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to create a useful website using powerful tools while keeping the client-side of the web app very resource efficient, accommodating for low bandwidth and no javascript.

What I learned

How to split duties, learn new skills quickly, and figure out the necessary features to get an app out there.

What's next for Maarifa

Creating great content, partnering with other companies like Khan Academy, and launching the web app on's Free Basics.

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