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Maara's inspiration is users that want to help make change but don't know where or how to start. Maara means aware and while "Activism" can be a daunting word and we want our application to show users that being more aware and educating yourself is where activism starts.

What it does

Maara allows users to take basic courses on social justice and activism and offers credible articles on current events to widen their knowledge on what is going on nationally and internationally. Maara also has a section that urges users to take action by signing petitions, donating to trusted organizations, and attending volunteer opportunities and other events.

How I built it

We built Maara through Adobe XD. We kept our main audience in mind through designing and prototyping our app. We expect our average user to be people of older generations who want to learn and participate in social justice movements. We made our application as straightforward as possible so that it is easy to navigate and also included accessibility settings to make our application more user friendly for older and disabled users.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was the difference in time zones. With hald out team on the east coast and the other half on the West we struggled to find proper meeting times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of our end result despite the time differences. We were able to efficiently divide up tasks and collaborate so that all of our team members ideas and designs are incorporated into the application.

What I learned

With some of our team members being less experienced in UI/UX design, we learned how to split up our responsibilities so that everyone was actively working on something while still learning new skills.

What's next for Maara

Maara plans to become more inclusive by offering articles and resources in other languages and countries so that we can make the world a more aware place.

Built With

  • adobe
  • xd
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