Easy to use app that enables outdoor enthusiasts to plan their next adventure. Makes event planning for outdoor activities easier, providing live updates through crowdsourcing.

What it does

Campsite availability Weather updates and relevant closures Location sharing for when you’re on the trail Locations and conditions of trails, rivers, etc.

How we built it

QML AppStudio Esri Qt API ArcGIS Online ArGIS Pro

Challenges we ran into

Debugging Getting login page to go from creation to the final app (difficulty converting) Photo capturing initially only worked on mac machine, however, we were able to fix that Creating crowdsource component was challenging at first

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing an App! Login page. Ability to add photos and share comments. Live weather feed. Easy to use app with multiple pages that the user can move inbetween.

What we learned

Just how many APIs are available. Available data for hiking/outdoor recreation. Incorporating real-time weather updates. Leveraging Esri project management tools (Workfront, Funnelytics etc.)

What's next for NatureNav

Creating messaging and community with a cloud service Sync login Ability to plan outdoor trips for multiple parks Expanding crowdsource GIS

Built With

  • appstudio
  • esri-apis
  • qml
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