Egypt and other countries need to flatten the curve. we cannot stop our lives for a disease. The consequences would be worse than catching the virus. worst scenario may include country economic collapse.

Taken into consideration the special circumstances for our country country population 100M people literacy for the size of the crisis we’re facing we can never rely on the citizen awareness to stop the spread of this pandemic

What it does

it uses positionning services for here company and the MOH data to track the suspected patients and medical staff, in order to give alarm for action for the MOH operations room to expect a Spike for COVID-19 in that areas , and disinfect them to prevent it. Also, it's useful system for tracking the historical data for the confirmed patients, in order to be accurate for the trace followup, as some poeple wont be able to remember the places they've visted and the people they're met around, but the BTS of the mobile network, and the Positionning servers for Here technologies can remember uptil 30 days historical data.

How I built it

I rely on the positionning service for Here Maps, ad process these tracking data using Mathworks software, as they've got suscess story with Databricksand Kafka.

Challenges I ran into

The Egyptian PandemicTechHack, and the Global Hack, and the Hackthecrisis NL

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finalist for the egyptian Pandemic TechHack

What I learned

how to give a pitch. and how to build a team.

What's next for Ma3ak

we're working with other governments in Europe to have the system adopted.

Built With

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