Many refugees face the social problem of not having local work experience and connection to the local community.

What it does: Voluroos connects refugees to local volunteering opportunities.

How we built it: We built a demo through Microsoft Access and eventually we will use Express GS for the website layout and Note GS for coding to run the website.

Challenges we ran into: The challenges included connecting with local community organisations during this weekend period. Designing the website demo in a short time and limiting the scope of the project for the pilot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Despite it being a weekend we were able to find 18 refugees and 4 interested and suitable local community organisation, being an inclusive team with recent refugees being a core part of our make up, building a team from strangers and utilising passions and skills to drive this project and making it work.

What we learned: The importance and power of personal networks, importance of ensuring we have many sources of sustainable income to keep this project viable

What's next for M Team: Add more languages, broadening our services to all refugees, getting more local community organisations on board, integrating feedback processes for organisations and refugees, integrating additional services e.g. resume and interview advice, and hopefully going national.

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