1. Booming demands of trucks
 2. Asymmetric information sharing between truck-owners and customers
 3. Low-Transparency information in transportation
 4. Benefit from big data

What it does

 1. Display the basic information and history working experience of each truck
 2. Track and simulate the route of each truck
 3. Help customers be familiar with the truck situation

How we built it

 1. Data clearance & simulation(python & Matlab)
 2. Web(javascript)

Challenges we ran into

 1. Bug in the programming
 2. Plan changed due to feasibility

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 1. Showed the specific route timely 
 2. Acquired statistical result from historical data 
 3. Displayed the information of the truck

What we learned

 1. Experience of javascript and python programming
 2. Team work
 3. Communication skills with expertise
 4. Persistence and Courage
 5. Idea generating

What's next for M&T Dashboard Platform

 1. Making dynamic decisions for drivers when environment changed
 2. Allocate optimal mission for drivers when multiple choices can be made
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