Sustainability is the main theme of "#2 FOOD FOR THOUGHT" by IBM & SwissRe and "#18 STEP-BY-STEP: REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINT" by Zurich Insurance. We wanted to find a solution for individuals to help them reduce their CO2 footprint. The "#1 LET'S CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCT TWINS" challenge by Migros asked for solutions to help customers make better buying decisions. In order to stop climate change everyone has to adapt their own behaviors, so choosing a more sustainable product means choosing a better product. We could not find any apps on the market that provide CO2 information of different products to the customer, so we decided to combine the product data from Migros with the CO2 data from the API. Our goal is to help the customers make better buying decisions every day.

What we have learned

When four people from different backgrounds start to work together there are lots of tools, languages and frameworks. No one knows everything and you do not know the others yet. Therefore it is important to communicate openly about any struggles or roadblocks, because someone else might have an idea to get out of there, even if they are using a different technology.

Challenges we had to overcome

Many but getting the required data took some huge team effort.

How we have build it

Data never comes in the way you would like to have it. The API was slow, because there were many people trying to get product data from Migros. We therefore downloaded the complete JSON file for all the products that we needed and parsed the files for all relevant data. Unfortunately the product categories were quite broad and there was no data field for alternative products so we had to find out how to match the products more specifically.

What is next for m-sustain?

We hope that Migros will be inspired by the idea to provide CO2 data for all of their products in their shopping app.

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