Background and Inspiration

With the advent of applications like GeoGuessr and Trivia Crack, we wanted to create a game that would serve a similar purpose but specifically in relation to movies and their music. During the drive to Philadelphia, the idea itself was born from a whimsical guessing game involving clips of music on our phones.


Our game features several different popular movies--both old and new--to challenge players from casual listeners to extreme movie enthusiasts. Visitors are exposed to songs from titles such as Frozen, Interstellar, and Mulan and score points based on whether or not they can identify the movie of the clip and guess the location of that track in the movie itself. Those who score high can even challenge their friends with a link which will give them the same questions as well as your score for comparison.

Technical Details

Our team built the application using the express.js framework and a mongodb database in the backend. Data for the soundtracks and their location in the movie were obtained through a python script that ran a reverse audio fingerprinting algorithm to match sections of the movie with the songs.

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