Fully digitalize the entire shopping experience and not just the final result. People like to know their friends' opinions when buying clothes and like to show off their style creations, therefore we addressed both these needs.

What it does

  • Fill in a digital wardrobe with your favorite M&S fashion items. When those items go on sale, you will receive an SMS notification about this, prompting you to purchase it.
  • Create outfits with the items in your digital wardrobe and share them on the M&S Social app. Other people will be doing the same, starting to like and follow outfit creators that they like, and expanding their digital network.
  • Get recommendations for outfits similar to yours created by other people, and go directly from the outfit post to the individual item's buying page.
  • If an outfit reaches a specific amount of likes, the creator will earn Spark points that they can apply to buy the real-world item.

How we built it

Python for scraping items from the M&S store. Next.js, React and TailwindCSS to build the web app.

Challenges we ran into

Task division. Lack of enough diversity of technical skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe we came up with an innovative idea that combines two of the elements that make digital life more interesting, namely social media and gamification.

What we learned

Next.js & general web design.

What's next for M&S Digital Outfit Creator

We want to implement an Avatar view in the feed where you can view your favorite outfits in 3D. User satisfaction increases if they feel the experience is fully customized so adding ML to provide even more tailored recommendations would be a top priority.

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