Hyunju –------ Building relationships is the hard part that hinders me from reaching out. I think this prompt echoes a lot of what a lot of students are struggling about. Concept of networking is hard, I remember asking my professor about this It's hard to get the full picture of networking (from sending out a LinkedIn request, doing informational interviews, maintaining relationships), international background-- unsure about getting referrals, getting helped, mentoring etc.

Solomon —-------- I sometimes don’t know the right questions to ask a mentor that he/she will find reasonable. If they won’t think of me as ignorant lol. Lack of guidelines as to what are the right knowledge to seek from that professional because I haven’t been in the practical world yet.

Unfortunately I have tried to do this via other professional applications but it doesn’t really help. Professionals on LinkedIn for example hardly have your time, well it isn’t for that purpose I guess.

What it does

Determine what kind of help is required(How to best help the students?) Determine the right kind of help to give(How to best help the students?)

  • via real problems/real solutions model? OR Q&A model?
  • 1:1 OR 1:∞ connection

Connect the right professional to a matching student in the same field(How to connect with the students?)

  • communication channels(email/social/voip), time mgt.
  • Actively online

Determine who needs help(What students to help?)

  • Put in some work(research/know about the pro/field)

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for M∞S

Take the actual product development to market

Built With

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