We think that there’s an opportunity to help road warriors work smarter and better engage at the Moment Of Truth; that is, when they are in front of their customers. And by gathering insights of this decisive moment in the sales process, companies can identify best practices.

That’s why we created the MOT app, an app to help you better prepare for customer visits by automatically curating content and recording your activity back into salesforce, to help businesses understand what truly happens at the Moment of Truth.

Using the MOT app is pretty easy. The dashboard suggests which customers to focus on. You can also create your own target lists by building and saving a query with data fields from salesforce.

You can then filter the results of each query and drill down into the details and history of each record. To help you prepare for your meeting, the MOT app will cross reference from salesforce the information of your customer with the available sales aids. You will then be able to assemble a presentation that is tailored to THAT particular Moment of Truth.

You can mix pdfs, videos and html5 sites here. While presenting, you can do annotations and even share a link to download these assets. When your customers download the materials, you’ll see it recorded in your customer’s activity in salesforce.

When you’re done, all your actions will be loaded into salesforce so that you don’t have to manually enter them. The dashboard will allow you to compare your engagement metrics against other team members.

With the MOT app, businesses and sales people are empowered to succeed at the Moment Of Truth and take their salesforce data to the next level.

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