Our dream is to bring a gamer closer to the virtual world that they are playing in.

Currently, a large problem with virtual reality is the fact that the player is sitting down and stationary. Head-tracking has mostly been solved using headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc. Hand-tracking is not yet perfect, but is largely solved with the Leap Motion or other tracked sensors.

Body-tracking and in-game directional movement has not yet been solved. Although there have been innovations like the Omni treadmill or entire-room setups, this is one of the most difficult challenges for virtual reality.

Our attempt to solve this problem uses a simple workaround: the Myo Armband.

We used the Myo SDK to determine if the user took a step (with Myo's accelerometer & gyroscopic data), and then pipes a keyboard press to Unreal Engine 4 for in-game forward movement.

This creates an immersive full-body virtual experience using the Oculus Rift for head tracking, the Leap Motion for hand/arm tracking, and the Myo Armband for leg movement.

Despite the multitude of problems we ran into with body tracking, we are proud of what we accomplished in the short amount of time we had, and we are certain that current problems of virtual reality will one day be solved.


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