M.o.C is an amazing cross platform multi-player virtual reality game. We believe that VR should be cheap and accessible for all. As such we focused our efforts on building a game that operates on a multitude of hardware and platforms. Want to experience the very best in Virtual Reality? No problem!! Hook up an Oculus Rift and slip on your most comfortable Myo, and soon you'll be soaring amongst the stars. Want to try out a cheaper VR platform? Well our game runs on the Google Cardboard as well!! With just your phone, you can join the ranks of Oculus users in the solar system!


We use, two Myos, One Oculus Rfit, One Google Cardboard, one android phone. We wrote a custom Android <-> Unity wrapper. We use the google Cardboard sdk for head tracking. and the Myo sdk for the for the Oculus Rift.


Did I mention this is in SPACE?!?!?!?

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