Greetings, All! We're Map&Maro Chain. We're currently using monopolized map data provided by Naver, Google, and etc., This makes impossible to track down all the changes and modifications spontaneously. For example, at the current level, you cannot find where is the entrance of the building and whether it is available for a wheelchair or disabled people. Existing map data is centralized to a certain platform, such as Naver, and inconvenience happens for users. Map&Maro Chain is developed to solve this problem.

What it does

Map&Maro Chain aims for a simple use. Users take a photo of certain spot with a hash tag and then upload it, Map&Maro Chain will give a Maro Token as an incentive for the contributor.

How we built it

Our key players divided into two teams. Maro and Sunho is a developer and Rosy and Debbie is designer and provide service management.

Challenges we ran into

In South Korea, since there’s not enough map data on Google map service so we’re trying to be hard find out appropriate informations and data. For a development, it is hard to adapt Hycon API in real.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Map&Maro Chain is so proud ourselves that we support and contribute to public map data where everyone can easily and simply exercise it. And expand it’s usability with the benefit of blockchain technology by giving Maro token. M&M Chain uses a Blockchain technology (1) to give incentives to contributed data in order to increase the rate of participation and (2) integrated monopolized data on map

What we learned

We are learned that, with the help of the blockchain technology, we can actually change the world better place and help those who are in need, such as providing a route with a specific hash tag(which route is available for a wheel chair).

What's next for M&M Chain

Map&Maro Chain can be used as a map with a theme(such as notify of popular Site for travelers, possible route for a disabled people, where’s the entrance and exit) and is designed to be used everywhere without a language barrier by providing multi language service and its translation and interpretation.

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