A big problem for students at the University of Michigan is handling the transaction of buying and selling textbooks and tickets to sporting events. Students typically try to go about solving this problems by blindly posting a multitude of requests on various Facebook pages that quickly get buried by other posts within minutes.

M-Link provides a simple and elegant solution to this problem. It is linked to the University of Michigan Course system API as well the University of Michigan athletic program. Users can simply go into the web, android, or iOS app and select the class for which they wish to sell/buy textbooks for. They can then specify the amount of money they would like spend on the textbook or the cost they plan on selling the textbook for. Then, the user can hit the "find" button and will instantly be connected with people who are selling the textbook they are looking for or are willing to buy the textbook the user is selling. The user can then reach out to their matches and arrange an exchange.

Similarly,users can also select a Michigan sporting event for which they would like to sell or buy tickets for. Once they have entered in the information, they will be matched with other users who are willing to make a similar exchange.

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