M-Hub is a progect for the Techfugees hackathon in Melbourne 15->17/04/2016. We wanted to create a technology that can be used by individuals to help access information and services and that can also be used by organizations that engage with new arrivals enabling easier access to their services.

What it does

M-Hub is a visual library of symbols and pictures relating to services objects and activities peoples require to get along in modern society. It enables services to be targeted at new arrivals who have not yet learned English and allows people to request goods and services for which they have not yet learned the words for.

How we built it

Cloud9 Js (Angular/Bootstrap) NodeJs

Challenges we ran into

Small Team Funding the program

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great idea that could help people in need Built a proof of concept search

What we learned

What's next for M-Hub

Integration and use into more services and web-sites


Live Demo

Built With

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