The daily buying decisions in a supermarket are a tradeoff between several factors and therefore hard for us to take. We from M-Einkauf are convinced, that our children deserve a bright future. It simply should not be as hard as it is to make mindful and sustainable shopping decisions.

Does this product fit my values? Does it fit to my body in terms of allergies, lactose intolerance or gluten tolerance? How can I chose the "right" product in one category out of hundreds?

What it does

Our no-download-or-update-needed web app helps us with the buying decision for a single product in the market and also tells you how your full basket fits to your spiritual values and physical needs after the purchase at home. A customer can just go to and link her/his Cumulus account to the website. On the website it is also possible to enter how important things like sustainability, health, spending budget and allergies are to the customer. In the store it is easily possible to add product categories (e.g. "Schokolade") to the shopping list and get products that fit personal values and other settings the best.

After the purchase, she/he gets an email with a summary of how this purchase fitted to the values and possible options for the next time.

How we built it

We used the API provided in the HackZurich 2020 - Migros Challenge and PHP on our own server. AND: We bought the domain with our personal money for this hackathon ;)

Challenges we ran into

The provided API was not in all aspects complete nor the documentation correct.

What we learned

We found out how important it is to build and document an API. Also, we should have looked at the raw data a lot earlier in order to become aware of this particular problem earlier.

What's next for M-Einkauf - Get Woke

The solution was designed to be easily integrated into Migros. However, it is not intended to only serve Migros customers. In order to make the world a better place, as many people as possible should be able to profit from less frustration when deciding what to buy and comparing products, especially regarding sustainability. The easier and the more engaging we make this for everyone, the brighter the future of our children will become.

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