This project came about as a to fix a problem of identifying the elemental composition of comets without having to spend massive amounts of money

What it does

Extract rare earth elements and sell the bulk material. The device makes use of an arduino for status updates.

How we built it

Arudino combined with 8020 aluminum to create a device that is capable of moving a magnet across the ground to pick up samples

Challenges we ran into

The structural integrity of the metal become an issue that was dealt with. Another issue was the combining of multiple interfaces into an IOT. Integrating the matlab and the webapp to take in the IOT information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We collected several meteorites from the ocean. We created a website

What we learned

We learned how to combined multiple programming languages into one consist program

What's next for M.E.T.E.O.R

Be the world leader in collecting the elements

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