Challenge 1 - Migros

We want to help people with allergies and people who wants to consume products in a sustainable way. We build an add-on to the Cumulus App and the Store-Scanner, later to alert in the Shop if a product is not healthy or not sustainable. Additionally you can check how good was your shopping cart with your preferences.

Our Presentation (PDF)


Food intolerance or allergy is a significant and widespread medical problem. Food allergy can cause severe symptoms in sensitive individuals and may be life threatening. In many instances the offending food is easily identified however milder forms of food allergy may be more difficult to diagnose.

Food intolerance is a neglected area of medicine because of diagnostic difficulties, non-specific symptoms and the relatively mild nature of the resulting illness; however repeated irritation or inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract may have serious consequences including malabsorption syndromes, small bowel overgrowth, coeliac disease and bowel cancer.

Based on resarch from Migros around 2 mio people in Switzerland are suffering from food intolerances and allergies.

m-clippy is an extension to cumulus App that has access to all cumulus data of its customers shopping cart and products. Additionally the customer is able to enter his eat habits and preference and based on all this information m-clippy provides deep insights int

m-clippy help everyone who has to stick to a restricted diet because of food intolerances or allergies. m-clippy supports consumers eating habits like

  • Bio,
  • vegan,
  • vegetarian, ....

but also support customers who want to eat more

  • National,
  • Regional or
  • outside Switzerland

and with m-clippy the customer can choose from upto 17 different allergens to get tips, insights and recommendations.


Customer would get a visual or sound alerts on Migros scanner Subito and a realtime reports / tips in the cumulus. m-clippy displays for the custome, how good or how he/she can improve his/her consumer behaviors (=Gamification this would be also at this time that we can propose them more suitable and alternative products) and will get great recommendations

What it does

Customers need to select their preferences in Migros cumulus app (intolerance, eating habits, allergens ) Customers get insights through recommandation, tips and alternative products based on the preferences.

How I built it

Backend in .NET 3.1 Frontend in SwiftUI for iOS. 14 We use Migros API, Azure Cloud

Challenges I ran into

We both learned new technologies at beginning of HackZurich 2020: iOS, SwiftUI and .NET We would have love to find a door in time to add more features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We love our design, even if we are not UX specialists/designer! our App is using the Migros API realtime with great speed while invested much in caching and optimizing.

What I learned

Cédric wrote his first lines of .NET on Friday 22:00 PM Lolo improve and had a lot of Fun with iOS Swift UI - sometimes Grrrrr, sometimes enlightment We were pair programming both on m-Clippy all the time.

What's next for m-clippy


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