Helping hospitals to find the staff they need during the crisis. Saving lifes. Preserving medical staff's quality of life during the crisis.

What it does

Our app automatically matches hospitals needs with corresponding skilled workers and push notifications. The communication is direct through a chat in the app. Additionally, hospitals get a consolidated view within days or weeks regarding the fulfillment of their human resources needs, allowing them to anticipate missing resources and take actions!

How I built it

By putting together various skills : 2 people from the medical sector, 1 IT project manager, 1 business strategist

Challenges I ran into

Missing IT skills to start producing the app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing our concept within only 48 hours! To get the best out of collective intelligence

What I learned

Collaborating remotely. Working with people from very different backgrounds and personalities. Manage the effort

What's next for M.A.T.C.H. - Medical Action Team CH

Finalise Mockup. Contact and develop a partnership with cantonal authorities and societies of each health professional group (SVM, Médecin cantonal, ASI, etc.).
Offers partnership with existing websites with similar targets (e.g. care now, medical informatics). Develop the first prototype.
Test with a sample of users and get feedbacks (including from the public health sector).

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