As technology in education becomes very mainstream many people have technology problems or other problems, this program may help solve some of these problems. I know I've run into them quite a lot.

What it does

This program can play music, act as a calculator, help sharpen math skills, generate secure passwords, and translate phrases.

How we built it

I started off with the idea of a translator but as this became an easy task, i wanted to challenge myself a bit more so I started to slowly add more and more applications.

Challenges we ran into

Well on the first day of the hackathon, I wasted 12 hours, you read that right. TWELVE hours on the translator until I found the perfect module. I was stuck with the google trans model that never worked but thankfully I found the translate module that was perfect for me. I went to the website, and started to read the functions and uses. It was complicated but after a few hours of debugging I had finished the translator. The next challenge was the music player, I had so many problems. Unable to download the music, code not working, different modules acting up, bugs and errors all over, file issues, storage issues, and more. But I couldn't give up. On the second day, I stayed up till 2am working on it! If I want to make a product, I want it to be high quality and bug free, or at least try to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud of my debugging process and how it all turned out, 4/5 of the applications were new to me so I am really thankful for Future Hacks to give me this chance to step out of my comfort zone and learn and do something new! Thank you!

What we learned

I learned not to give up, working around problems, how to import and use modules. How to play sound, translate, and I didn't even know that python had such a large and cool native library. I loved this experience

What's next for M. A. N. or Multi-Application Nacho

I will continue to add applications and try to organize everything for people who look at the code, right now it is messy but very functional. I will also try to incorporate feedback and requests for songs and languages. Also I will add more functions to the calculator and make the math practice a bit more complicated.

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