What it does

The Magic Money Machine is a cryptocurrency trading algorithm. It uses the principle of momentum trading to buy into a cryptocurrency while it is rising and leave its position once it starts dropping. It works with the currency exchange, Binance due to it's abundant portfolio of coins to choose from.

How we built it

The application is implemented in python using multiple threads concurrently pulling in market data from Binance, as well as sending orders to the cryptocurrency.

Challenges we ran into

-Using the API. It lacked thorough documentation. Some descriptions of responses and parameters were better than others -Laying out the math. We needed to do a great number of calculations to figure out an appropriate trading strategy. There were a lot of variables that we didn't have good numbers for or a foundation on which to like base our values.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We're pretty sure this works -Verbose and thorough multithreading and interprocess communication - we had complicated threading and a lot of data requirements spread out across threads -Mocked transactions for testing - we successfully used the API to mock transactions and instead of performing them, used the test endpoint to get successful responses

What we learned

-Threads are pretty great -Learned to read incoming market data from a live exchange

What's next for M^3

-Run it 24/7 with $$$

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