I would like to complete this LZ77 algorithm implementation using the Model-View-Controller Paradigm and package it as a quick and easy to use JavaFX application.


ASCII characters with a value unusable in text will be used as marker characters for the LZ77 algorithm to collapse / expand text as it needs to. Currently, the implementation for the compression aims to use a simpler, more visually appealing bracket-based layout, but the next goal would be to ultimately reduce the byte consumption.

The implementation uses ArrayLists and Strings as the main data structures. Optimally, this will also change to less memory-intensive data structures.

Current Status

The algorithm itself needs to be restructured, as it was taking far too much time to complete its task. The current version is available for download attached to this project.

What's next for this project

The algorithm is currently in the process of being redesigned, the goal is to achieve lossless LZ77 compression within a reasonable amount of time.


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