Hackathon Competition Categories

1. Best Use of Lyft API 2. Best Hardware Hack 3. Best User Experience. 4. Best domain name - www.lyttUP.net


As frequent Lyft riders, our team agreed that smartphone notifications aren't the best method of acquiring information about our future rides. We decided to make use of Lyft's APIs to build a notification device that can alert riders about their ride.

What it does

The prototype device we built boasts an LCD display with information about Lyft's ETA as well as pricing trends. The user simply has to sync their Lyft app with the lyttUP device.

How we built it

We took advantage of Lyft's APIs to get driver ETA information and parsing that information to extract details that can help prepare riders. This information is then relayed to our Arduino micro controller and displayed on the LCD display. Additionally, we programmed an LED indicator that flashes at different intensities, based on the ETA of the Lyft.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some significant challenges in implementing the Lyft API. Currently, the public API does not support mock Lyft rides, so it was difficult to acquire the relevant data for our tests. We overcame this challenge by taking advantage of a different open source Lyft API that aggregates information about driver estimates.

Additionally, because our hack consists of software and hardware components, we ran into challenges facilitating the communication between the APIs and the Arduino. We learned how to set up the serial port communication to deliver the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel that our integration of the lyft APIs, the UI and design of our application, as well as our unique use of the Arduino micro controller is our greatest accomplishment.

What we learned

During the 24 hours of this hackathon, our team of 4 members learned how to combine different codebases together to build a product, integrating APIs and parsing through the JSON packages to control a hardware device.

What's next for lyttUP

We plan to take lyttUP to the next level by iterating our display device to take advantage of Lyft's existing Amp device to display the information to the user. We would entice users to choose lyft over uber by offering incentives such as a free lyttUP compatible device if the user purchases $100 of Lyft credits, or a free lyttUP device when you hit 100 lyft rides.

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