While brainstorming around the theme of "diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility," we were inspired by our personal experience as foreigners with basic language skills trying to make friends in a new country. We then confirmed that the language barrier affects the self confidence of foreigners which in turn deters them from interacting with the locals. Sources

What it does

Our application plays your favorite song while scrolling the English lyrics and the translated lyrics (of your choice) side by side. This allows the user mind to be engaged in something they already enjoy (listening to music!) and engage the English thinking side and chosen language thinking side of their brain. The user is able to pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the words or the stylistic choices made by music genre.

How I built it

Client side: HTML, CSS, JS; Technologies used: git, github, chrome dev tools

Challenges I ran into

Collaboration over github and smooth merges. API setup time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created an application through collaboration with 5 developers. Applied knowledge gained within the last 12 weeks of our first semester in the FSWD program at BCIT.

What I learned

Mostly practiced git and github collaboration, worked out the kinks the process.

What's next for Lyrically - Learn English your way

After the concept demo, we plan to integrate Spotify API and/or Genius API to pull songs and the lyrics based on user's search or playlist. This will depend on which one will prove to be more reliable during testing. We plan to deploy to Heroku with Docker container as we recently learned the process in class.

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