ISP presents a huge opportunity for companies with compelling content to create voice-first premium experiences on Alexa.

With music and quizzes being leading categories amongst users, we set out to build a best-in-class experience where users can go head to head in a daily Lyric Quiz.

Using Universal Music Publishing Group’s unique access to talent, users get three free questions every day and are pitted against a virtual player to add another level of healthy competition.

Get more questions right than your opponent and you’ll add to your streak. Loose against your opponent and your streak is up. Users are rewarded for winning streaks over time, which is tracked on a leaderboard. These design practices will keep on rewarding engagement and ensure that users invest value in the product as they engage.

Monetising the experience

The value users invest also sits at the core of the premium experience. Should a user lose their streak they are asked if they want an Encore - an opportunity to purchase a bonus round to try again to not lose your streak.

The upsell journey is automatically triggered when a user loses a round that would otherwise end their streaks, here’s how it works:

Alexa: “You’ve gained 0 points today. Your win streak has ended!”

“Or has it?”

“The crowd loves you so why not go for an Encore? You’ll get a second chance with a new set of questions. We’ll take the highest score between this round and the Encore. Would you like to hear more?”

The upsell message to the consumable ISP is non-disruptive and contextual, ultimately designed to enhance the free experience and offer real value to users, without cannibalising the free experience with conversion messaging before we know they are invested in the skill.

Additionally, users can at any time ask Alexa about the premium experience available by saying either:

“Alexa, what can I buy” “Alexa, what can I shop for” “Alexa, tell me what I can buy”

Or by using one-word utterances like, “buy”, “shop” and “purchase”.

We also use Alexa’s APL technology to facilitate a visual experience on screen enabled Amazon Echo Spot, Echo Show and Fire TV.

What's next

The Skill is ultimately an experience set out to trial the commercial potential of ISP for businesses with high-value and exclusive IP. We have built the experience in a way that makes it easy to scale features and extend the ISP offer in future iterations. This could in the future include artist-specific extension packs, additional questions for longer games and the ability to create a richer listening experience with recordings and video clips from talent.

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