We were inspired by HERE iOS SDK - this is as simple as it is.

Sometimes when you book a hotel on or a room on Airbnb you don't know is it a good place to stay or not.

What it does

Lynyo evaluates your planned living addess and gives you recommendations on whether to stay there or not using our KNOW-HOW algorithm:

  • Estimates nearby infrastructure (how far are shops, parks, public transit etc.)
  • Estimates ecology (is the area clean?)
  • Estimates noise level (is there nearby noisy bars, restaurants, roads, freeways etc.)

How we built it

We used HERE iOS SDK Premium Edition and build the app from scratch during the night.

The first part of Hackathon probably until 0am in the morning today we were building another solution for trucks, but around 1am we changed our mind and created Lynyo - travel recommendations app for your next trip.

Challenges we ran into

It is very difficult to come up with idea and code it over night, but it is possible :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The know-how algorithm of Lynyo which uses HERE API to estimate and evaluate nearby surroundings and make suggestion: to book this place or not.

What we learned

Best solutions can be created quickly with the help of best tools such as HERE.

What's next for Lynyo

  • Build colorful map (green, yellow, red) based on Lynyo's recommendation engine
  • Integration with and Airbnb for the best experience when trying to make a booking
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